if anyone else wants to do the name thingy that’s more than fine but i won’t be answering them until tomorrow though, just so you know

When I signed that major-label contract when I was 20 years old. I did it because I wanted to play music for the rest of my life. That’s every 20-year-old’s dream - to do whatever the hell you want. - Billie Joe Armstrong

“Armstrong has long professed his admiration for the Minneapolis band, and at one point told the audience, “Dreams really do come true!””

- http://m.rollingstone.com/music/videos/green-days-billie-joe-armstrong-joins-the-replacements-at-coachella-20140419 (via cabotgal)


he looks so freaking happy it’s infectious

Anonymous : can i just say, you have the most AMAZING taste in music

THANK YOU wow this makes me happier than it probably should lmao aw thank you very much :*

Anonymous : the only record store in my town had one copy of it and it was sold five minutes after the store opened and there is no other store that sells it in a 50 mile radius man, so i bought it in amazon for 17 pounds

aw i’m glad you got your hands on a copy in the end!! 

electra-punk97 : ila (wow short playlist im gonna get)

i want you - joan jett and the blackhearts

little dysfunk you - the ark

always - blink 182

greendayisnotcoming : esmeralda :)

echo chamber - the ark

somewhere only we know - keane

mama - my chemical romance

even if she falls - blink 182

rudie can’t fail - the clash

anxiety - the ramones

love is a laserquest - arctic monkeys

don’t look back in anger - oasis

american nights - the runaways

sexy-dirnt : sophia :)

snap out of it - arctic monkeys

oh so many years - billie joe + norah

planetary (go!) - my chemical romance

hate and war - the clash

i hate myself for loving you - joan jett and the blackhearts

all these things that i’ve done - the killes

Anonymous : leah

lady stardust - david bowie

east jesus nowhere - green day

another one bites the dust - queen

hate to say i told you so - the hives

pemmz : Emma 😎

emenius sleepus - green day

machu pichu - the strokes

mine for life - the sounds

all you need is love - the beatles


ok y’all gotta stop sending me these things now unless your name is something like twyfc or something because i’m running out on songs that start with all the usual letters ok sorry

ohh-whatsername : camille (:

cornerstone - arctic monkeys

anniversary song - pinhead gunpowder

mother mary - foxboro hot tubs

i pathologize - the ark

low - cracker

london’s burning - the clash

electric funeral - black sabbath

im-an-idiot-yknow : Marianna :3

moonage daydream - david bowie

a.c.d.c - joan jett and the blackhearts

rumours in town - the exploding hearts

i wanna be remembered - emily’s army

annabelle - a rocket to the moon

nice guys finish last - green day

new york - sex pistols

a dustland fairytale - the killers