Billie Joe Armstrong with Replacements

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Anonymous : I hope you feel better~ You should chill and watch something good on Netflix. eat some ice cream if you can <3

thank you boo :* <33

the new emily’s army EP is literally the best release of the year wow



Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.


im definitely making pancakes tomorrow, that’s literally the only thing i know how to make lmao i suck

i had the same problem and the solution was pizza.

sadly i don’t like pizza particularly much *hides in shame* but happy pizza day tony!!

what should i have for dinner today i’m home alone and i’m a terrible cook this is not going to end well



Favourite band members

→ 1stBillie Joe Arsmtrong.

@BJAofficial: ‘I just got attacked by a pigeon!!’


im in a relationship with a fictional relationship


can you believe mike dirnt is a real person?? he is very very important and hes such a sweetheart like i cant believe someone that amazing could really exist on this planet my life is literally 50% better knowing mike dirnt exists oh my

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GIRL okay so 1) I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BECAUSE THIS GUY SEEMS GENUINELY AMAZING 2) It’s totally fine and okay to be nervous and I know you’re having a rough time with everything that involves being social and I am so PROUD of you because you’v
goddamn it tumblr YOU’VE COME SO FAR! and it’s fine that you’re nervous! BUT; are you okay? Do you wanna talk? Also; IT’S ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT UNTIL I LIVE 1H AWAY FROM YOU AND WE CAN HANG OUT MORE OFTEN THAN ONCE A YEAR

ok first of all; mika i love you so much. my goodness, i’m so privileged to have you in my life. and i didn’t realize you’d be living so close oh wow this literally made my year WOW I’M SO HAPPY <3 i’m gonna force you to listen to vinyl with me lmao

i honestly don’t care about the whole throwing up thing, he was really nice about it and it can happen to anyone, so whatever. but i really just wanna vent to someone so i’m gonna message you, ok? :*** ily

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Anonymous : shit you okay?

not really tbh i’m very confused and kinda scared but i guess i’ll be fine. thank you for asking, i really appreciate that and i definitely needed it tonight. thanks <3

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i genuinely love daniel radcliffe so much i swear i would take a bullet for that guy he is very special

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